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22ND MAY 2018.

Launching the first United Smart Cities LAB together with the USC in the heart of Vienna, we are establishing a global co-creation community to explore new ideas and build the future of Smart Cities.

The Lab opening will happen on May 22nd 2018 in Vienna.

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Datapedia is the repository of platform assets for cities.

Such as Xperience assets, Data assets and Computing assets. A self-service library enabling business, data experts, developers and IT professionals to interact and collaborate seamlessly, sharing resources and knowledge across cities.



The evaluation of a specific location and surrounding area is highly important if you are buying a new flat, moving or open a new business

Spotter is a location search engine that evaluates a specific location and the area around according to your needs.

UK Tech Night with Stefan Ebner.

"Tech Environment & the Road to 2030".

The Uk tech Night 2018.

This event is a tech forum focusing on the key developments and business opportunities on the UK market.

Stefan Ebner from Braintribe will be a speaker at the Future Talk panel with the topic “Tech Environment & the Road to 2030”.

To attend the event and learn more, click here.

Banks have invested in huge #data lakes.

but braintribe say the picture is incomplete.


In the next 5 years we’re going to see Data commoditised and in an era where data sovereignty is going to be come more prominent, how to large companies use this to create more customer centric products. Many would say data is going to become digital oil, but should it be seen as digital water? Something everyone (should) have access to?

Braintribe aim to create an open source operating system for data and Stefan Ebner explains how their clients use said data to improve their business models. How is it open source? What are data lakes? How much does efficient use of data improve companies? Find out the answer to all of this and more in this interview!

Listen to the podcast here.

Gabbi Cahane.

Chairman of Multiple - Strategic Advisor for Braintribe.

“Braintribe has built a platform that has the potential to do for big data what cloud computing did for software. It’s the launchpad for a whole new way of building products, services, companies and cities. It’s a huge opportunity in a brand new category. Smart Data is where the action is right now. I’m excited to be advising Stefan and the team on the next stage of the journey”