Big data. Big mess. Big opportunity.



The state of big data.

Our facility to deal with previously unimaginable quantities of data invokes ideas of stocks, compounded by phrases such as data warehousing and data lake. Yet value flows when data flows. It is then time to make the data supply chain real.

Instead of having deliberate strategy push services onto the business, we need to help the data flow with the emerging needs of the business by allowing it to express and expose itself, guided by and working alongside the right people in the organization.

And alongside the right machines of course … machine learning and AI crave meaningful data.

Exponential technology.

When data is instantly available, navigable, meaningful and intuitive, it finally emerges as the exponential technology it’s made out to be, central to your organization breaking free of the linear world – hierarchical, centralized, closed, top down, and obsessed with scarcity.

You and your colleagues and everyone with a stake in your organization’s success will be shaping and exploring and testing and reshaping decentralised value networks, making your organization permeable to ideas and connections to catalyze mutual value.