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WeAreDevelopers Interview.

With a number of A-list clients, an innovative team of ambitious individuals, and more offices opening internationally, Braintribe has come a long way from its initial startup in Vienna. Now, Braintribe is looking to transform the way the world works by providing the tech, tools, and techniques for visionary enterprises.

WeAreDevelopers always looks for innovative individuals and companies to share their concept and provide inspiration for young entrepreneurs and developer across the world. Here is our interview:

WAD:   Tell us some more about Braintribe’s story. Who’s behind the company and how has Braintribe evolved over the past 10 years?     

Braintribe: The story starts a little more than 10 years ago when our CEO and Founder, Stefan Ebner, launched Braintribe. We have since grown from a small, ambitious team with a handful of brave clients in Vienna, to a company of 100 employees and offices opening in Belgrade, Bratislava, Sofia and San Francisco this year. Our client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Credit Suisse, Konica Minolta, UNIQA, Adidas, and more.

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