Gabbi Cahane.

Chairman of Multiple - Strategic Advisor for Braintribe.

“Braintribe has built a platform that has the potential to do for big data what cloud computing did for software. It’s the launchpad for a whole new way of building products, services, companies and cities. It’s a huge opportunity in a brand new category. Smart Data is where the action is right now. I’m excited to be advising Stefan and the team on the next stage of the journey”

Fritz Schweiger.

Founder of Q-Advisers.


“In Stefan Ebner, Braintribe has a truly visionary founder and the company’s partnership with Capco means they have an incredible service partner too. This combination gives Braintribe the opportunity to be the category defining smart data and data transformation business.”


Hermann Hauser.

Director at Amadeus Capital Partners.

“Braintribe has not only the potential to be global player, it has the potential to define and lead the entire space. Stefan and his team are exceptional. We will hear a lot from Braintribe in the future, and I am very excited to be part of their journey.”