The Tribe.

Meet our talent.

The core of Braintribe is its people, over 10 nationalities working together. From technology and data engineers to creatives minds, whatever the role is, Braintribe exists because of them.

They help to bring smart data to the world and continually make it great.

Gerd Trattner


Gerd Trattner is responsible for the company’s financial strategy, ensuring together with our CEO the growth of and investment in key technology, customer service and operational areas.

Peter Brandner


Peter guides customers all over the globe through their digital transformation journey and their development of new digital platforms. He is renowned for his architectural abilities, rising up to the trickiest technical challenges.

Stefan Ebner

Founder & CEO.

Stefan shapes Braintribe’s vision and strategy. His keen understanding of the market landscape and customer needs directs development of the Tribefire platform, translating today’s operational challenges into tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Philipp Jandrisevits

Lead of Financial Vertical.

Jandrisevits joins Braintribe from Accenture where he held transformation and technology project roles with various major European financial institutions over twelve years. He is focused deeply on digitalization leading the Financial Services Tech Advisory practice group for Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies.

Thomas Lea

Lead of Labs and Delivery.

A leader with vision. Transitioned from Infrastructure IT Expert to Head of a global banking service. Responsible on the IT side delivering large international IT projects and services making use of the best project management , product methodology, modern delivery capabilities whilst maintaining service levels.

I am here to deliver the best, most modern end-2-end platform to our customers. From accelerating your journey by designing your first use case, using the DevOps tools to deliver the platform to your organisation and using those advantages to evolve after go live.