United Smart Cities.

Company of the Week.

Braintribe was nominated company of the week by the United Smart Cities program, and United Nations initiative.

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

Big data is dumb. There is no simple way to understand, integrate or unlock its value, which is both a massive problem and a huge opportunity. Value is created when data stops being hard work and starts to work hard.

Big data often plays a big role in big cities, but smart cities are built from Smart Data. Big data must become Smart Data – executable, extensible, and expressive. Our Smart Data platform decouples data from infrastructure and allows it to express itself in a way every smart city stakeholder can understand – and the machines that work on their behalf – enabling your city’s data to become your smart city platform.

We exist to enable visionary cities, enterprises and entrepreneurs to transform themselves and their communities through data. Our vision is human-centric, sustainable innovation driven by data democracy.

Read more at: http://www.unitedsmartcities.org/company-of-the-week/7-braintribe-inc/